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Marvel Hot Wheels Character Car 2023 Mix 5

Marvel Hot Wheels Character Car 2023 Mix 5

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Marvel Hot Wheels Character Car 2023 Mix 5 

Discover favorite characters from movies, TV shows and comics reimagined as Hot Wheels cars! Hot Wheels has partnered with some of the hottest names in entertainment to recreate popular characters as vehicles. Each 1:64 scale vehicle features authentic details and cool stylings that capture the most beloved personalities from creative forces like Star Wars, Disney and Pixar, DC Comics and Marvel. Kids and collectors will want them all! Ages 3 and up.

The Marvel Hot Wheels Character Car 2023 Mix 5 Case (956K) includes 8 individually packaged vehicles and includes:
1x Groot (UPC:194735063932)
1x Spiderpunk (UPC:194735026302)
1x Spider-Gwen (UPC:194735064052)
1x Rocket (UPC:194735064076)
1x X-Men Beast (UPC:194735108435)
1x Wolverine (UPC:194735146611)
1x Spider Man 2099 Re-deco (UPC:194735108497)
1x Ant-Man (UPC:194735146604)
Subject to change.

Item No. Qty. Name UPC
HHB95 1 HW MARVEL GROOT 194735063932
HHB96 1 HW MARVEL ROCKET 194735064076
HHC04 1 HW MARVEL SPIDER-GWEN 194735064052
HKV14 1 HW MARVEL SPIDER MAN 2099 RE-DECO 194735108497
HKV15 1 HW MARVEL X-MEN BEAST 194735108435
HNP03 1 HW MARVEL WOLVERINE 194735146611
HNP04 1 HW MARVEL ANT-MAN 194735146604

UPC:  194735062959
Age:  3+
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