Important Information

Pre-Orders are items that are available for pre-purchase and will be shipped once they arrive in stock. Please note, sometimes we will hold the rest of your order if it includes in stock and pre-order items until the pre-order arrives. If there is a significant time delay between in stock and pre-order items, we will ship the in stock items first. Our general rule of thumb is anything that is within 6 months of arriving in stock, we will hold.
Please also note, sometimes there can be significant delays with pre-orders. Allow up to an extra 3 months sometimes for certain lines to arrive.

Please note - any cancelled pre-orders attract a 15% cancellation fee - exceptions include our discretion due to extremely delayed or cancelled lines.

Images of stock
For a lot of our products, we use stock images, it is not necessarily always the one we have in hand. This is particularly relevant to older legacy stock, EG anything made prior to 2022. If you would like an actual image of what you are buying, please reach out to us and we will get you an image.

Buying case quantities
It's a great idea to stock up and save by buying in cases. Although, please note, the information given to us by the manufacturer, and what is actually in the case may differ. Usually when we receive the stock, we will open a case and audit it, and adjust the website as needed, but if a pre-order is 6 months away and you choose to order it now, please note there can be a different mix in each case, although we will usually notify you.