New Arrivals June 30th 2023

New Arrivals June 30th 2023

Are you passionate about collecting diecast model cars? We have fantastic news for you! Our store specializes in a wide range of diecast model cars, including popular brands like Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Mario Kart, and many more. We are thrilled to announce that our inventory has been updated with an array of new and exciting products. In this blog post, we will introduce you to the latest arrivals, featuring a variety of stunning vehicles that will leave collectors and enthusiasts eager to add them to their prized collections.

1. Star Wars Hot Wheels Starships Select 1:50 Scale 2023 Mix 1A: Transport yourself to a galaxy far, far away with the Star Wars Hot Wheels Starships Select collection. These meticulously crafted diecast models boast premium designs and packaging, making them highly sought-after by collectors. Each starship measures between 4 1/2 to 6 inches, slightly larger than traditional Hot Wheels vehicles, and features movable parts for added authenticity. Whether you prefer to display them in their sleek packaging or unbox them for closer inspection, these starships are a must-have for Star Wars enthusiasts of all ages.

2. Hot Wheels Disney 100th 2023 Mix 3: Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Disney with the Hot Wheels Disney 100th collection. This series pays tribute to the iconic personalities that have made Disney legendary. From classic Disney cartoons to characters from Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvel, these collectible 1:64 scale vehicles capture the essence of beloved characters. Whether you're a fan of Black Panther, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, or any other Disney character, this collection is a delightful addition to any Disney enthusiast's collection.

3. Matchbox Real Working Rigs 2023 Wave 2: Prepare to be amazed by the Matchbox Real Working Rigs collection. These larger-sized vehicles feature moving parts and authentic decos that will captivate both kids and collectors alike. Each vehicle represents a specific theme, ranging from iconic rescue and construction vehicles to farm and fire department rigs. The attention to detail in these models sparks imagination and inspires endless storytelling possibilities. Whether you're a collector or looking for a gift for a young enthusiast, the Matchbox Real Working Rigs are an exciting choice.

4. Cars Color Changers 1:55 Scale 2023 Mix 2: Experience the magic of color transformation with the Cars Color Changers collection. Based on the beloved characters from Disney and Pixar's Cars movies, these 1:55 scale vehicles change color when dipped in water. Immerse them in warm water for one look and then icy cold water to change them back. Whether it's the entire car or just a bumper, the result is a unique and captivating transformation. Expand your collection with these color-changing vehicles and enjoy the thrill of their ever-changing appearance.

5. Mario Kart Hot Wheels Gliders Mix 4 2022 Vehicle: Unleash the adrenaline-fueled fun of Mario Kart with the Mario Kart Hot Wheels Gliders collection. These 1:64 scale diecast vehicles feature glider attachments, just like in the popular video games. Choose your favorite character from the Mario Kart franchise and witness them speeding off on thrilling racing adventures. Detach the glider attachment and watch as the vehicles conquer Hot Wheels tracks with the same excitement and challenge found in the digital realm.

6. Matchbox Convoys 2023 Wave 1: Immerse yourself in the world of Matchbox Convoys with the 2023 Wave 1 collection. Each pack contains a 7-inch long rig with a detachable cab and a 1:64 scale Matchbox vehicle, featuring true-to-life decos. These convoys provide endless opportunities for open-ended exploration and storytelling. Recognizable from everyday life, these convoys capture the essence of real-world vehicles. Whether you're a collector or a young enthusiast, the Matchbox Convoys will add excitement to your collection.

7. Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Straight Track: Get ready to take your Hot Wheels tracks to new heights with the Track Builder Unlimited Straight Track pack. Each pack includes straight track pieces and connectors that allow you to expand and enhance your existing track builds. With multiple colors available, including the original orange track, black with orange stripe, and yellow with orange stripe, you can create thrilling and dynamic track layouts. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced builder, the Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Straight Track pack offers endless possibilities for high-speed racing adventures.

8. Hot Wheels Advent Calendar: Count down to the holiday season with the Hot Wheels Advent Calendar. Behind 24 numbered doors, you'll discover a delightful surprise each day leading up to the holidays. This Advent Calendar includes 8 Hot Wheels vehicles in 1:64 scale, along with 16 winter-themed accessories such as a snowplow, Yeti, and reindeer. Let your imagination run wild as you create festive and thrilling Hot Wheels adventures on the included playmat. Perfect for Hot Wheels fans of all ages, this Advent Calendar brings joy and excitement throughout the holiday season.

At Hot Match Collectables, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of new diecast model cars to satisfy collectors and enthusiasts alike. From the iconic brands like Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Mario Kart, to exciting new releases, our inventory has something for everyone. Explore the Star Wars Hot Wheels Starships Select collection, celebrate Disney's 100th anniversary with the Hot Wheels Disney 100th collection, experience the realism of the Matchbox Real Working Rigs, witness the color-changing magic of the Cars Color Changers, and dive into the exhilarating world of Mario Kart with Hot Wheels Gliders. Don't forget to check out the Matchbox Convoys, Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Straight Track, and the Hot Wheels Advent Calendar to complete your collection. Start collecting these incredible new diecast model cars today and fuel your passion for automotive excellence.

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